Summer School on Computational Modeling of Cognition

July 27 to August 10, 2014
Laufen, Germany

Most areas of cognitive psychology have recognized the power of computational and mathematical models and have embraced their benefits to rigorous theorizing. One illustration of this trend is the growing popularity of Bayesian approaches to cognitive modelling.

This powerful trend comes, however, at a cost: The complexity of models and modelling techniques render it increasingly difficult for non-experts to acquire the necessary skills and then keep pace with developments.

This summer school is dedicated to introducing researchers to the basic techniques of computational and mathematical modelling from the ground up and in a hands-on manner. The instructors represent a broad range of expertise and are all research leaders in their field with extensive experience in teaching of modelling.

We invite applications from researchers at all levels (graduate students, post-docs, and faculty), and welcome applications from outside the EU. Applications for the summer school are now closed.

This summer school is made possible thanks to generous funding from the Volkswagen Foundation.



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